How to choose an Engagment ring (a beginners guide part 2)

Welcome back! So when we last left off we discussed the kinds of questions to ask yourself before you step foot into a jewelry store, so now that we have thought all that through it's time to understand what you are looking at when you take a peek at your diamonds When you are looking at… Continue reading How to choose an Engagment ring (a beginners guide part 2)


How to choose a Diamond (A begginers lesson part 1)

Alright, so working in jewelry I come across tons of people eager to pick out the perfect engagement ring, but most people I find do not know the first thing about what they are looking at, so I figured I'd help out and give a few pointers I've learned along  the way that will help… Continue reading How to choose a Diamond (A begginers lesson part 1)

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OMG, the 12 year old in me NEEDS this!

I adore makeup, but the one thing I adore more than makeup and jewelry combined is animals, and guess who just announced a combination that are two of my loves combined? That's right Too Faced! They just announced their clover palette which is based off Jarred Blandino's furbaby Clover.  The palette looks to be a… Continue reading OMG, the 12 year old in me NEEDS this!

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New Too Faced Announced

Whelp, looks like my beloved Too Faced just announced a new palette coming out sometime in June. The new palette is called Glitter Bomb and it looks like it's going to be glittery bright shades of  blue/navy, yellow/gold and purple, lavender, rose, hot pink, baby pink, black and silver with a white and a black… Continue reading New Too Faced Announced

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March 2017 Ipsy Bag!!!!

March is here and so is the Ipsy Beauty bag for the month. This month seems to be inspired by an effortless chic french look, so pop the champagne grab a rose and lets dive in!!! This month the makeup bag is huge in comparison with the previous ones, which is nice since I can… Continue reading March 2017 Ipsy Bag!!!!


Sephora Play! Feb. 2016

Let me just start off by saying this month's box for me was 100% my favorite one ive ever gotten, I have been subscribed to Play! for a few months now and have really enjoyed the things that I have gotten, but this box is probably my favorite. Ok, so without further ado .... The… Continue reading Sephora Play! Feb. 2016


A Spark Of Spring

A fluid, beautiful utilization of silver, diamonds, and light, that is what you get with the new Lagos Spark collection that was recently released. Diamonds sparkle in an exclusively silver set of jewelry the collection boasts 7 different bracelet styles ranging from 750.00 to 4000.00, and several different iterations of earrings and necklaces that range… Continue reading A Spark Of Spring